Take your headphones off!

Last Friday I went to the talk by Sir John Hegarty on creativity at the V&A  – choosing not to sit back and lap up the sunshine, instead opting to listen to one of the greatest minds in advertising talk on creativity. Unbeknown to me was the timely coincidence of the launch of his new book […]

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Tinder For Mums

As a student of the Google Digital Marketing course, our last module required group work – whereby we were all placed into groups of 10, with a brief stating – ‘create an online business that will make millions’. After submitting our one page business plans, I was surprised but quietly chuffed that my Tinder For Mums […]

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Humans Of New York

For those yet to discover Humans of New York ( HONY) you’re in for a visual feast. HONY is a  photo blog created in 2010, as described by the creator that believed  it would be really cool to create an exhaustive catalogue of New York City’s inhabitants. THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA The success of HONY is […]

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Wimbledon Fans

I found this to be a great example of how raw data can be used to create a tangible result in real time. As a mad tennis fan myself, and having worked previously in the promotions industry, I thought this is a brilliant marriage of using real time data to engage fans further. If interested, […]

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